Workplace Wonderings Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Temptation

I sat at my desk, my head spinning with questions. What did all of this mean? I looked over at the picture on my desk of my wife and daughter, a smile spreading across my face. I loved them so much. My wife meant everything to me, she made me a better man. For as long as I could remember, I had had a wandering eye, a lust for anything sexual – pornography, lustful, meaningless sex, multiple women in a single night even. But when I met my wife, all of that changed. And for the past seven years I had never even looked twice at another woman, barely even noticing other women around me when I was with my wife.

My wife and I had dated for 4 years before getting married. The wedding was perfect, a perfect day on the beach in November. It was by far my favorite day of my life, being that I am a hopeless romantic, something my best guy friends have always made fun of me for. But, I love my wife, and every moment with her was perfect, even the days when we would argue and then make up.

But now things seemed a little complicated. I had recently hired my last employee about two months ago, Dana. She is a beautiful woman, dark hair, light brown eyes with a bubbly personality, always cheerful and positive. She is always ready and willing to do any assignment I give to her, working with families that are the most difficult to work with and kids who don’t want to change their behaviors. She made others on my team smile and everyone loved working with her. Honestly, I hadn’t even thought twice about her until about two weeks ago, when a bunch of us from work had gotten together to go to a club for a night out.

That night, when Dana showed up, she was stunning. Even then I didn’t really notice as I had my beautiful blonde hair, blue-grey eyed wife on my arm. My wife was also stunning, bright peach shirt which showcased her beautiful DD breasts well, tight black skinny jeans, showcasing her curvy thighs, slim waist, and perfectly shaped ass. Dana had on a shirt that really showcased her breasts beautifully. The shirt barely covered where I assumed her nipples were, and her breasts were perfectly shaped and in place, even without a bra. She had on tight black skinny jeans also with black heels. Her dark brown hair framed her ivory face perfectly, falling to just below her shoulders in soft waves.

But again, I didn’t really notice any of that, because with drinks I definitely was not fully aware of everything. However, the next day when a picture circulated through the group of all of us in the club, my eyes were drawn to her perfect breasts. And her sexy petite curves. Ever since then my head had been reeling. I had only seen her twice since then, once in staff meeting, and once in supervision to discuss her cases. Both times I had felt my heart start beating faster and my eyes were naturally drawn towards her breasts, always modestly covered up at work, which made me realize why I hadn’t noticed before that night. Both times I could feel my breath catch in my throat and my mind wander to a place it hadn’t been in seven years. Both times I quickly ended conversations and moved on with the work day.

But today, I was sitting in my office getting ready to head out to a meeting I had scheduled in the morning and she texted me. She had mentioned wanting to drop off some forms for me to sign but that she was running late and trying to get there as quickly as possible. I told her she could leave them on my desk (honestly thankful that I wouldn’t have to run into her and could keep my conscience clean…ish).

Dana texted: Wait you’re not going to be in the office *crying face* I wanted to at least say good morning.

My heart jumped into my throat and my pulse quickened at the words. I felt my cock jump against my pants. Before I knew what I was doing, I had responded: Omg you are so sweet!! *heart eye face*

Dana: lol thanks. Or just needy lol

My pulse quickened even more and I could feel my face flush as I wrote my next text: That’s ok…I like needy!! Lol

Dana: Lol. Good.

Me: Now you make me want to stay to see you! Lol

Dana: Aww. Don’t. But thanks for being great.

I put the phone down on the desk, trying to regain control of my breathing. What was going on with me? I tried to clear my thoughts, but all of a sudden I was picturing Dana in my office, with the door closed, her leaning across my desk to point at something on my computer, her breasts right there in front of me. I looked up as my administrative assistant walked in and asked me some questions regarding a data project I had her working on. I exhaled, not realizing I had been holding my breath. Thank god, a distraction.

A few moments later, I looked up to see Dana smiling at me through my doorway. “I made it!” she exclaimed excitedly. Her brown hair softly fell to her shoulders, her creamy ivory skin a bright contrast to the dark brown of her hair. She smiled and her whole face lit up with a goofy, childlike excitement. My assistant stood there hesitantly for beşevler escort a moment as I had not yet answered.

I cleared my throat, “Wow, you must have driven fast!”

“Yeah, I may have been speeding a teeny bit,” she replied, her voice washing over my whole body, sending electric waves throughout, and causing my cock to begin pulsing. “Let me print those forms and bring them to you to sign really quick before you leave.” She turned to walk away, and I couldn’t help my eyes from wandering slowly down to her ass, perfectly plump, accented in her jeans. With each step her hips swayed seductively, causing me to salivate and my cock to completely harden in my pants. I was thankful for the desk that covered my erection as I finished my conversation with my assistant.

Dana brought the papers back into my office for me to sign. She slid them across my desk to me and looked intently into my eyes, her light brown eyes dancing in such a carefree manner. She was absolutely gorgeous. I signed her papers and slid them back to her, causing her to give me the biggest, brightest smile I had ever seen. She seemed to stand there for a few moments longer than usual holding my gaze. She then turned and walked away from the office, again in a manner that demanded attention towards her ass and hips. I wanted to grab her and spin her back around into my office. I wanted to shut the door and pull her clothes off of her, biting into her neck like an animal eating for the first time in months. I wanted to pin her up against the wall between the wall and my body, her legs wrapped around my waist, and I wanted to plunge my large cock into her petite body.

“Fuck!” I whispered under my breath as I felt some pre-cum emerge from my hardened cock. I stood up and placed my coat across my arm in front of me as I walked out of the office to head to my meeting. I had to get away from her before I lost my damn mind and got myself into a whole load of trouble with my wife.

I sat at the table in the meeting, unable to focus on what was being discussed. Some sort of community project to help families who struggle with illiteracy. Great topic and great ideas, but my head was somewhere else. I was still texting back and forth with Dana, even though I knew that I needed to stop.

Me: Will you still be at the office when I come back from my meeting?

Dana: No *sad face* I have some appointments scheduled with my families.

Me: *Sad Face* I guess you won’t really be back in the office until the next staff meeting then next week?

Dana: Well…I don’t really have a reason to come to the office until then. I’ve scheduled all my meetings that day.

I could give you a reason, I thought to myself. But as I went to type the words, I was hit with a huge wave of guilt, and I put my phone down. This was very, very wrong. Not only was I married to my wife who I loved deeply, but I was also Dana’s boss. Two huge things in my life that could totally be ruined if I did not gain control of myself. But the draw to Dana was so strong also.

Are you able to do lunch after my meeting today? I texted to her. Nothing can happen if I meet up with her in a public place for lunch, but I have to see her. I thought to myself.

Dana: I will be on the other side of town with some of my families. *sad face*

Me: Ok. I will see you next week. Have a great weekend.

Dana: You too!

********* Later that Evening **********

I walked through the door to my home and smiled as my wife, Julia, bounced down the stairs to hug and kiss me. Her blond hair was in a high ponytail and still reached the top of her shoulders. Her blue-grey eyes shone lovingly at me as she leapt into my arms. I dropped my work bag to catch and support her as her legs wrapped around my waist. She pulled me towards her lips and kissed me passionately. Her fingers laced through my dark brown curly hair. She smelled of everything I loved, clean fresh laundry and her lavender body wash. I also caught glimpses of the expensive perfume I would buy her for special occasions. She pulled her lips back from mine and smiled down at me as I held her in place.

“I’ve missed you babe!” She said and pulled me in for a hug. Her breasts were pressed up against my chest and my face, and through the thin almost see-through fabric of her shirt, I could feel her hardened nipples. I moaned slightly and moved in the direction of the bedroom. I heard my wife chuckle under her breath as she realized where we were headed. She kissed me again as I walked up the stairs that led to our master bedroom.

Julia realized that I had stopped and followed my gaze towards our daughter’s bedroom. “It’s ok,” she whispered. “Tammy is out at a friend’s house.”

She didn’t need to say anything more. I pushed through our bedroom door and closed it behind us. Julia squealed excitedly as I then crossed the bedroom in three strides and pulled her from my body, pushing her down onto the bed. My cock has pulsating in my pants, begging beypazarı escort to be released from it’s cage, needing to push its way through her legs inside of her, needing to feel her tightening around it.

Julia looked up at me expectantly and with love shining through her eyes. She fully trusted me, no matter what we ever did in the bedroom. I loved that about her. Julia sat up just enough to pull her shirt off to expose her bare breasts to my lustful eyes. I growled a low growl and leapt onto her on the bed. My mouth made immediate contact with her hard, erect, and perfectly pink nipple. I sucked and licked her nipple hungrily, as if I hadn’t seen them in months. I felt Julia pull at the bottom of my shirt and pull it out from my work pants. She quickly unbuttoned my shirt, showing skill even though I was sucking and licking her nipple hard. She moaned softly and bared my chest, her hands roaming over my abs and my muscled chest. I sucked harder on her nipple, my other hand finding her other nipple and rubbing it between my thumb and my finger. Her head bucked back at the pleasure I knew was coursing through her body and she moaned loudly. I was so glad our daughter wasn’t in her room so that we could be as loud as we wanted.

I felt her hands move from my chest down to my belt buckle, and my body convulsed sharply in anticipation of what was about to happen. She fumbled with the belt, but was able to un-buckle it and unzip my pants. My pants fell straight down to the ground, my cock pulsing now against just my boxer-briefs. Julia reached out and cupped my erection in her hand, and I realized that my boxer-briefs were wet from pre-cum. I moaned and moved my mouth up to cover hers with hungry kisses as she continued to press and pull on my cock.

I stepped back from the bed, causing Julia to look up questioningly. She smiled as she realized that I was reaching for the hem of her skirt. I pulled with one pull and her skirt slid right off of her legs, revealing her beautifully toned and bare legs, and her bare pussy. I realized that she had known exactly what she wanted before I even got home, and I smiled at her. Julia sat up and moved towards the edge of the bed so that she was sitting right in front of me. She spread her legs wide for me to see the perfectly pink folds of her pussy, and to notice the glistening film covering the slit to her pussy. I moaned again at the sight, ready to fuck her right there.

Julia smiled and pulled my boxer-briefs down over my hips and my legs to the floor. She then brought her face up to my cock, standing fully erect, with white cum dripping slowly out of the tip. She smiled at me and then took my cock in her hands, running her hands up and down its engorged shaft. I gasped and arched my back in pleasure and then felt her lips close around the tip of my cock. She licked the pre-cum off the tip, moaning in pleasure. She then began to suck my cock, stroking the shaft and causing me to become weak in the knees. Before I knew what she was doing, I felt myself slide all the way into her mouth, the head of my cock hitting her throat. I opened my eyes wide. We had never tried to go in that far. I could feel her moving my cock around in her mouth with her tongue and sucking. My eyes began to bulge at the pleasure and I knew that I was going to cum in her mouth. Julia seemed to realize the same thing and I looked down to see her smiling up at me, my cock still fully in her mouth and starting down her throat, and she nodded.

That’s all the encouragement I needed. I felt my body release, I felt the hot sticky cum shoot into her throat in a steady stream and I reveled in the sensation of her swallowing it as it came, moaning in ecstasy. As the last of the cum sprayed out, Julia pulled my cock from her mouth, kissing the shaft in her sweet loving way and looking up at me as I regained my composure.

“Baby, that was amazing!” I whispered out looking at her. She smiled lovingly up at me.

I loved her so much and needed her to know just how much I loved her. I knelt down in front of her, her legs still hanging off the bed, her pussy right at the edge of the bed. She opened her legs in anticipation. I grabbed her hips and held them in place as I dove my tongue right into her hole. She gasped and I could feel her pussy tighten around my tongue as I savagely licked up her juices, hungry for the taste of her. I continued licking inside her hole as I lifted my fingers to lightly circle around her clit. She moaned and her body convulsed sharply at the sudden touch to her clit. She reached out and wrapped her hands around my head, pushing my head deeper into her folds.

I moved my tongue up to her clit and replaced my fingers there. I sucked on her clit, encouraging it to engorge and create the sensations I knew she loved. I dove two fingers into her hole, her body jumping at the sudden feeling, and then settling down onto my fingers, driving them further into her pussy. Her vagina began to pulsate around my fingers ankara escort as I licked at her clit. I knew it wouldn’t take her long to cum as she had already been soaking wet when I started, turned on by what she was able to do to my body. I continued pushing my fingers in and out and finally felt her body begin to shake as her vagina clamped down on my fingers and her orgasm took full control of her body. She shrieked loudly in pleasure as the orgasm raced through her body. She then pulled my head back away from her vagina and closed her legs.

I smiled as I looked down at her, her eyes closed as she allowed the orgasm to finish. She pushed herself back up onto the bed and curled up in a fetal position. I smiled and laid down behind her, holding her from behind, her soft skin getting goosebumps from my touch. She pushed herself into my strong arms as I held her, my face brushing against her hair as I trailed light kisses down to her shoulders. I heard her giggle and she flipped around to face me. “Someone isn’t quite done yet, huh?” She asked pointing down to my cock which was once again erect after getting her to her orgasm. My cock bumped into her pussy, still wet from her orgasm. It slid along the slit as she pushed into me. I kissed her lips and could taste the saltiness of my cum on her lips. My cock jerked at the taste.

Julia grabbed my throbbing cock and placed it between her pussy lips. She smiled and asked, “How badly do you want to go inside of me, babe?”

I moaned at her playful question. Anger flashed across my face and then desperation. She knew that she could control my emotions and my body. Julia laughed lightly at the look on my face. I grabbed her arms and pushed her down onto the bed, my body swinging up to straddle hers. “You think this is funny?” I smiled at her.

She giggled. I pushed her legs apart with my knees, her swollen pussy right where I needed it. I grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her ass, giving her more leverage and a better angle for me to have my way with her. “Give it to me, baby” she demanded.

Without hesitation, I moved my cock straight to the entrance to her pussy. Her legs moved further apart in anticipation, and I drove my rock hard cock into her, hitting the wall of her vagina with the first push, causing her to gasp. I closed my eyes and continued to push in and out of her, harder and harder, causing more and more moans to come from her. With my eyes closed it wasn’t my wife, it was Dana. I could see her beautiful flowy brown hair, could feel her soft pale skin underneath me, and could feel her pussy tightening around my cock causing me to push harder and harder into her. My cock began to twitch as I pushed harder and harder, and her legs wrapped firmly around my waist, wanting my cock to completely have control. I felt her pussy start to pulsate and her body began to shake and I knew she was about to cum. I squeezed my balls gently with my hand and felt the cum release from my cock, spraying into her vagina. I heard both of us moaning loudly, our orgasms colliding into each other, our bodies frozen in pleasure. I didn’t want to open my eyes, knowing that it was my wife there and not Dana. Julia released her legs from around me, and pulled my softening cock out of her. She patted the bed beside her and I obliged. I wrapped my arms around my wife, breathing in her scent, but with my eyes closed, it was still Dana laying there in my arms as I fell asleep.

********* A Few Days Later**********

The weekend had come and gone and it was once again Monday morning. I heard a blip on my work phone as I stepped out of the shower. I dried off my hands and wrapped the plush warm towel around my waist. I could hear my wife in the kitchen humming to herself as she prepared breakfast. She knew how much I hated Mondays, so she was always really good at preparing one of my favorite breakfast foods on Mondays before I headed out for the day. I smiled at the thought as I reached for my work phone on the counter.

My breath caught in my throat and stayed as a lump there as I realized that I had just gotten a text from Dana. I steadied myself and unlocked the phone to see what she had written.

Dana: I’m having some issues with the data entry system and was wondering if you would be in the office and could help me out with it today?

I closed my eyes as I realized that my body was instantly ignited with excitement at the thought of not only seeing her today (when our staff meetings are scheduled for Thursday), but also on having an excuse to sit close to her to look at the program with her.

Me: Yes! I don’t have any meetings scheduled today, so I’m all yours. I pressed send before realizing how inappropriate that sounded. “Shit!” I cursed out and shook my head.

Dana: Great! I’m about 15 minutes from the office and will work on some things before you get there. I figured I’d get there early before too many people come in to distract me.

I looked down up at the time on the top of the screen: 6:45AM. Damn! My mind completely shut off as I hurriedly ran around the room, putting clothes on and brushing my teeth. Water dripping from my curly brown hair, I quickly brushed it aside and walked out of the room into the kitchen. Julia looked up and smiled “You got ready quickly today!” She exclaimed.

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