Would That I Could

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I’d start by kissing you, and then lightly with one finger slowly stroke the front of your trousers… up and down, up and down. I’d gently slip my tongue into your mouth teasing it against yours to see how you respond.

I’d add a second finger to stroking your growing bulge… and when I feel your hands slide down my back to start kneading my ass I’d moan into your mouth with pleasure, deepening the kiss.

When I feel your cock begin to heat up and press into my fingers and your breathing quicken, I’d stop stroking and slowly take off your belt, taking my time to unbutton and unzip your pants, finally letting them drop to the floor.

I’d slide two fingers, one hand on either side of your hips, into the waistband of your boxers and begin pulling them down. Meanwhile continuing our kiss, swirling my tongue around yours.

When I’ve slid your boxers down I’d break our kiss with a grin, quickly kiss you on the cheek then drop to my knees in front of you, steadying demirlibahçe escort myself by holding onto your hips.

I’d lick my lips while gently caressing your cock with my fingertips. I’d lightly kiss just the tip of your dick, sucking in slightly, then stop and look up at your face and grin cheekily.

I’d kiss your tip again, opening my mouth a little to gently run my tongue over your head, my hands teasing up and down the sides of your shaft. When I feel you start to thrust into my mouth a little I’d pull back letting your tip slide past my lips.

I’d look up at you again while still stroking your shaft, wink, then push your cock to the slide a little so I can lightly kiss your balls.

As I sat back on my heels I’d put my mouth back on your cock and begin pulling you into my mouth as far as I can take you, the gentleness from the moments before forgotten.

I’d swirl my tongue around your head while sliding dikmen escort my hand up and down your cock, feeling your encouraging shudders as I suck you in again and again.

By this time you’ve wound your hands tightly into my hair and you begin pulling me towards you as you thrust into my mouth.

I moan as the tension in my hair increases and the slight vibration only makes you fuck my mouth harder.

Your speed and force become a little too much for me and I shove your hips back, your cock leaves my mouth with a slight pop. You’re breathing so hard your whole body is heaving, I know you’re close so I suck your head back into my mouth and swirl my tongue along its’ sensitive slit. I start sliding my hand along your slick shaft, sucking as I pull you towards me and releasing as I slide back, with my other hand I gently reach down and start massaging your balls ever so lightly.

These new sensations cause your muscles to tighten… ankara escort and I know you’re almost at the edge… the thought makes me happy and I moan a little in anticipation…

This last little thing pushes you over the edge and I feel your balls contract in my hand. As you orgasm your hips flex involuntarily, causing your cock to pop of my mouth and you cum all over my chest gasping as you do.

I giggle a little and stand and kiss you, supporting you as you sag against me in complete release.

I nuzzle my nose into your hair and inhale your scent as I wait for your breathing to subside. When your chest is no longer heaving I ask if we can snuggle and you nod and stagger to the bed, still too spent to speak. I strip off my now cum stained shirt and bra, slide my pants and thong off and crawl in next to you. I gently tug you out of your shirt and start to lay on my back next to you. You grunt at me and grab me, turning me so my back is to you. You position your still warm cock against my ass, tangle one of your legs through mine and snuggle into my hair while one of your hands slides over my chest to comfortably cup my breast. You let out a contented sigh and I wriggle closer to you and turn to kiss you. Happy to be in my favorite place in the world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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