Your Night

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It was late when you got home and I could tell you’d had a hard day. You looked tired when you came through the door, but you smiled your sweet smile at me, just the same.

I hated to see you so worn out. You were always working so hard and the hours were long. I decided that tonight would be all about you. I wanted you. I wanted to feel your hard heat inside me. I wanted you to push me to the brink and then tumble into the abyss of that endless orgasm with me, but not tonight. Tonight was your night.

I smiled back at you. You must have seen something in the way I was smiling, because you cocked your head to the side and raised your eyebrow as I began walking toward you.

I stood in front of you and raised my hand to caress your cheek as I looked into your eyes. I always got so lost in those beautiful eyes. I leaned in and kissed you softly, flicking my tongue across your lower lip. You slid your fingers into my red curls and pulled my lips harder against yours.

You stole my breath with that kiss. Passion. Fire. I had to fight with myself not to rip your clothes off and seek my own pleasure. I pulled away from you, gasping for breath. esat escort Oh how I wanted more of you!

You quickly pulled your shirt off and began reaching for your belt. I took your hands in mine and shook my head as I smiled at you. I brought your fingers to my lips and kissed them gently before I put your hands behind your back and told you to keep them there.

I slid my hands down your chest and began unbuckling your belt. Your smile got wider as I sank to my knees in front of you. I tugged at the button and looked up into your eyes as I unzipped your pants with my teeth.

I could see your excitement by the way your boxer briefs bulged. I leaned forward and kissed you through the thin cloth, letting you feel my hot breath against you. Your soft moan was music to my ears.

I slid my fingers into the waistband and slowly stripped away the barrier between my soft lips and your hard flesh. The immense size of your pulsing manhood never failed to make my mouth water. I couldn’t wait to taste you.

I leaned in and kissed your tight stomach. I felt you tremble as your hard length nestled between the cleavage that was visible etimesgut escort in my low cut top. I lightly nipped at your stomach with my teeth as I massaged you with my breasts. I’d almost forgotten how much I enjoyed teasing you like this.

I began kissing my way down your stomach, following my fingertips to your hard cock. You gasped as I quickly flicked my tongue across the head. I kissed small trails down your length and back up again.

Looking up into your eyes, I slowly, lightly ran my tongue from the base of your cock all the way up. I swirled my tongue around the head before trailing back down. I relished the way you trembled beneath my touch.

I stroked you lightly, enjoying the thickness in my hands. I leaned forward and licked a drop of pre-cum from the tip. I couldn’t help myself. I wanted more. I needed to taste you. I wanted to feel your cock sliding across my tongue as you slid in and out of my hot, wet mouth.

I had to force myself to go slowly. To make it last. I wanted to draw out every ounce of agonizing ecstasy I could get from you. I began licking your cock again, drawing little circles ankara escort with my tongue along your shaft. I could tease you all night!

You had other ideas. No longer able to keep your hands behind your back, you wrapped them both in my soft fiery hair. I looked up into your eyes as you guided your hard cock deep into my waiting mouth.

You held my head steady as you moved your hips back and forth, going deeper each time. I stroked my hands in rhythm with your hips. Minutes passed as you gently fucked my waiting mouth.

You moved faster as I began to suck harder. I wanted to taste you. I wanted to drink you down like life’s water. You growled, knowing if we kept going at this pace, it wouldn’t last much longer.

Your breath came shorter, harder. You were panting and I knew you were getting close. I squeezed my lips tighter around you. You continued stroking in and out of my greedy mouth. With a strangled cry, you wrapped your hands tighter in my hair and buried yourself in my mouth. You came in torrents, shooting your hot cum into my mouth. I swallowed you down and moaned for more.

You were trembling as you pulled yourself from my mouth and collapsed on the couch. I sat between your knees and kissed your thigh. I wanted more.

I began licking your still hard cock. The taste of you was like an aphrodisiac. I took you in my mouth once more as you smiled down into my hungry eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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