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Author’s note

This was meat as the beginning to an interactive story. It might have influenced Charlie when she wrote “you stir in your sleep”.

I woke with a start a wrist pulled to one side of the bed , an unfamiliar scent in the room, dark hair leaning over his face.

‘Z? Is that you?’

A murmur of assent

‘What are you doing here?’

‘Do you remember all those mornings that you come thinking about me? Did you think it was all between your cock and your hand and your brain? I’ve missed them, miss waking up knowing that I’m wanted. I’ve come to make sure that you wake me up for months to come. N lent me the key I told her it was a surprise for your birthday. So happy birthday’.

With that she lent over and pulled my right wrist to the other side of the bed.

‘And remember, I know exactly what you like. Its called telepathy. And I like being in charge’.

She leaned back to admire her handiwork. She had me firmly stretched out and afforded me a smile.

‘You’re going to love this, but first I’m going to get comfortable and let you think about what’s in store.

She skipped of the bed, a slim elfin figure, tall, with long black hair. beşevler escort She had long filled my mornings fantasies, but as my relationship with N had developed, I had started to force myself to forget about her, even stopping going to the bars where she used to hang out. Gorgeous beyond my wildest dreams, unattainable and haughty in a scary kind of way. A fashion victim to boot, she always had the trendiest boys hanging around her and seemed to thrive on the superficiality of appearance. I’d regarded abandoning my infatuation with her as a kind of growing up. But I guess I still wanted to be a kid at heart.

I heard the shower kick in and felt myself grow hard thinking about my fantasies with Z. If she really did know I would be in for a hard time: and she seemed to know. I didn’t let onto many about my penchant for being tied up. Of course N could have told her, but given how possessive she was that was unlikely, so perhaps Z really was telepathic. I lay back felt my cock grow hard and listened to the sound of Z showering, imagining how she must look naked in the shower.

Z re-emerged from the shower, wearing nothing but a thin cotton T-shirt beypazarı escort that clung to her breasts – traces of water clung to her face and her hair was sleek and sheer from the recent soaking. She leaned over fresh and clean smelling, ‘Oh you have been thinking about the possibilities’ she smiled glancing down at my cock. ‘Nothing compared to hard you are going to get though’.

She pulled a leg out and straddled my chest, cold wet cotton rubbing against me, wet hair dropping against my face. She leaned over towards me as if to kiss me, stopping inches from my face and licking her lips in anticipation. ‘What do you want then’ she smiled, stroked my eyebrows with her long fingertips keeping her lips inches from mine as my neck strained towards hers. Ducked her head downwards and darted her long tongue inside my mouth. I writhed furiously underneath her touch, wanting to feel her shoulders, her body, pull it closer to mine and take her. She pulled back- ‘you are hungry aren’t you? – how about a little starters?’

With that she pulled her tongue away lifted herself up and pulled herself up the bed. Came and rested on her knees inches from my ankara escort face, lifted the bottom of her shirt, traced a finger through her thick dark morass of pubic hair, pressed on the skin with two fingers; enough to reveal the dark shape of her labia and a budding dark shadow within, slipped a third finger between the two and bought her clitoris into full view, stroking it gently a few inches away from my eyes, then moving on deeper tracing a finger all the way down her long lips and back again, bringing a shine to them, then cocking her finger slightly just penetrating inside the lips, releasing the sweet fragrance of her muskiness. ‘You can look – but will I let you touch?’ she smiled, moved her damp fingers away and slid them over my hungry lips let them slip inside my mouth, which hungrily opened for her warm juices as her fingers fucked my mouth opening my lips slidin across my teeth.

‘What would you like to do now then? I could make myself cum in front of you – or I could just move up a little and let you have that privilege’ – with that she slid tantalisingly close to my mouth – enough for me to breathe her fragrance and to sense how much this power trip was getting her wet ‘or I could turn round and pay you a little attention’

Sometimes life is full of hard choices- all of these options seems equally attractive, and as the underling in this relationship who was I to determine how the rest of the morning progressed?

But when the key turned in the door…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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